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Horizontal directional drilling makes it possible to install a conduit under an obstacle, such as a river or a road, without disturbing the surrounding area. Contrary to horizontal drilling, the curbed trajectory of directional drilling makes it possible to pass the conduit under obstacles starting from the surface, thereby requiring no significant excavation.

First of all, our experienced technicians use high-performance guiding systems, making it possible to have great precision and to ensure the drilling trajectory. Secondly, we have a complete array of equipment designed to meet the needs for all types of projects requiring directional drilling.

Using our equipment, we can undertake simple drilling projects requiring a pull back of less than 10,000 pounds, as well as major projects requiring a pullback reaching up to 750,000 pounds. Moreover, our recycling unit for drilling mud provides more effective performance and considerably reduces the amount of drilling mud to be disposed of at the end of the project.

Regardless of the nature of the obstacle to be overcome and the diameter of the conduit to install, we have the expertise and technology to fulfil all your directional drilling needs. It should be noted that this technique is ideal for:

Soils that contain no rocks or blocks (clay, silt and sand);
Almost all categories of rock;
Making it possible to install conduits reaching up to 1,200 mm in diameter;
Making it possible to drill distances up to 1,800 metres in length (which varies according to soil conditions and the diameter required).


Important : Before any project is begun, exploration boreholes and a complete geotechnical investigation must be conducted so that we can evaluate all possible difficulties and determine the drilling trajectory. Contact us for more information.